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Qatar Fund for Development’s vision is to give hope and promote peace and justice through sustainable and inclusive development. We have supported and financed the implementation of various projects and interventions that support and empower women, particularly in conflict and fragile settings. But given the complexity and intractability of conflict situations, their persistence and continued emergence worldwide, greater attention and focus across the international community must be placed on how to successfully respond to and empower women in conflict environments.

Responding to Women’s Needs in Crisis

During times of conflict, women and girls disproportionally face violence and are often left to provide for their families without the means to do so. Women in Conflict Zones is committed to humanitarian and emergency response programs to meet women’s immediate needs for ensuring the safety and security of their families.

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Empowering Women to Effect Positive Change

Women are a source of strength and resilience in their communities and have incredible potential as agents of positive change and betterment when provided with access to economic opportunity, education, healthcare and technology.

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Engaging Women in Peacemaking

Studies have shown that women’s involvement in peace negotiations increases the chances of sustainable, lasting peace by 35%. Yet, women’s involvement as mediators, negotiators and signatories in peace agreements is extremely low. Significant effort must be made in further involving women in peacemaking at all levels, both for conflict resolution and conflict prevention.

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0 Ongoing global conflicts
0 Humanitarian need is for women & children
0 Of peacemakers only are women
% More lasting peace with women involved